Howard Ecker Shares FASB Expertise with Forbes

I was recently interviewed by Forbes regarding the impact the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) guidelines is set to have on company balance sheets.

Referring to the new FASB guidelines as “the biggest change to hit business owners in decades,” author Brian Rashid examines the financial impact they will […]

Conflicts of Interest Exposed by New FASB Lease Standards

CFOs are bracing for corporate real estate turmoil beyond their balance sheets when the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) lease standards are implemented in 2019 and 2020. The new rules will require CFOs to document all leases on their balance sheets as liabilities rather than expenses. This will put […]

Why CFOs Can No Longer Afford To Delegate Their Office Lease

While CFOs may understand the basics surrounding the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) standards, they may not be aware of the many ways FASB could actually disrupt their business.

Under the new rules, any lease over 12 months must now be recorded on the balance sheet as both an asset […]

American Pharaoh Wins Kentucky Derby Doesn’t Wear Blinders

Several months ago, after American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown, I started to write this blog. What prompted me to do so was the thought that I had witnessed one of the great feats in all of sports, while, at the same time, being removed from working on a deal […]

Can Man Really Fly?

Earlier this week I found some papers at home I had been procrastinating reading. Recently, I came across two articles dealing with the issue of tenant representation and whether or not full-service brokers are fair to tenants. I read the articles, which stated the usual arguments, put them aside and […]

Law Offices: How to Do Relocation Right

The law office style that was prevalent many decades ago is no longer relevant. Gone are the days of large law libraries, mountains of paper files, and an assistant for each attorney. Recent technological advances are going to take this even further, as firms transform older, inefficient offices to well-planned […]

The bidding war: I’m ready to change the way we think about the real estate leasing business

By Howard Ecker

I’d like to change the game. Change how tenants and how brokers think about the real estate leasing business. Actually, how the world thinks about the real estate leasing business. My plan? I’d like to propose a bidding process for potential clients, and then let the best person, […]

Wherever Amazon ends up, it can — and should — make a difference in the community it chooses

By Howard Ecker

With all the excitement and speculation surrounding which city Amazon will choose for its second headquarters, I really have to pause to think of all the ramifications, both good and bad, that will result from the decision.

The good part is, it will create more jobs than anyone can […]

Hugh Hefner’s positive influence on Chicago real estate should not be forgotten

By Howard Ecker

As I read about the death of Hugh Hefner a few weeks ago, what came to mind was the effect that Playboy had on the city of Chicago and the iconic real estate that Playboy created — and what has happened to that real estate since.

Recently, I relocated […]

How To Select Office Space In The New Era Of Work

Picking out the perfect office space has always been a complicated decision, but it’s become much more difficult in recent decades. For the majority of human history, companies selected their space based on the headcount of employees they needed to support. Every employee came into the office to complete their […]

Why Your CFO Must Drive Commercial Real Estate Decisions

It’s common for companies to hire either outside consultants or a real estate director to manage their commercial real estate decisions, but this often ends in disaster, especially if they are not properly guided. While yes, real estate directors may have specialized knowledge about the real estate market, it’s critical […]