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This company has not existed for over four decades by chance. Business must be earned and a reputation created and upheld. Howard Ecker + Company has gained respect on a national level for our unique style and exceptional client service.

Howard Ecker + Company assists the business community in tenant representation and real estate consulting. We work with clients in making and implementing real estate decisions that best meet their specific business objectives. We dive deep to understand and analyze the essential principles, strategic plans, budgets, work habits, space allocations of a business and look outside to analogous models, situations and inspirations. In doing so, we help leaders connect the full worth of their companies to its growth, its brand, its culture and its environment.

Services Include:

  • Client Business Analysis
  • Site Planning and Selection
  • Research and Market Analysis
  • Acquisition and Disposition
  • Financial Analysis
  • Transaction Negotiation
  • Project Management
  • Built-to-Suits
  • Strategic Portfolio Analysis
  • Design and Construction Consulting
  • General Real Estate Consultancy Services
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Green Consultancy Services

At Howard Ecker + Company, we pride ourselves on being

forward-thinking and anticipating trends. This means that we can
deliver an outcome to clients that will be as good a fit in the future
as it is in the present. We therefore have the expertise to create
green work environments for our clients, whether this is assistance
with a LEED project, specific advice on greening operations, or
simply discussing the green options available, and the costs and
savings involved.

We offer green consultancy services as we think that it is natural
for our clients to want to carry their company values through to the
place where they do business. Green work environments make a
statement to the business community, and all the while, deliver
cost savings through greater efficiencies.

Howard Ecker + Company believes that it is all about people; our
clients and our team. Therefore, we take seriously the studies that
show that employees working in green work environments are
more productive, are less likely to change jobs, are absent less
often, and most importantly, are generally happier. If our clients
do too, we have been and will be the people to help them deliver
a green work environment to their people.