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Experience = Lazy

People like to say that they offer loads of experience. Resumes are built on them. But what are they really saying?

We suggest that it is “I’m right, because I’ve always done it this way.” Experience represents knowledge gained from solving old problems. However, new situations usually are not carbon copies of the past ones. So trying to apply old solutions to new problems rarely works. Worse, it is mentally lazy. It is the opposite of being creative.

Howard Ecker + Company draws upon experience to create new solutions. We are not rooted in the importance of being right, or proving it. Being right means remaining fixed to an idea. This kind of thinking keeps you from moving forward, from being open to discovering all possibilities. We are not afraid to ‘be wrong’ if it advances the needs of the clients we represent.

We look at the present and the future as opportunities to do things a new way, with new eyes, because no two clients and no two deals are the same.