The Box
Experience Equals Lazy
A La Carte

What Do You See?

It All Begins With Will

Many will look at a Picasso and say, “I could have done that.” Maybe they could have but the reality is that only he possessed the imagination and conviction to do it. The true genius of the artist’s work is in its deceptive simplicity – they mask the complexity of their creativity so you are left thinking you can replicate them.

And yet, we have but one Picasso.

Practiced properly, business is an art, too. It is not rigid or formulaic but shaped by an understanding of the surrounding and willingness to engage it creatively. The real estate industry environment offers many approaches to representing prospective tenants. Almost all of them are essentially the same.

Long ago we realized there was a choice; Howard Ecker + Company could conform to industry expectations or make nonsense of them. We recognized our obligation to provide clients with an alternative experience to what existed.

To this day, we remain different. For our clients that has made all the difference.