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The ‘F’ Word

Failure. It is the dirty word most real estate firms refuse to say. This is because of fear. We understand that fear of failure is in every successful person’s vocabulary.

The difference is we are not afraid to fail, because we position ourselves to succeed.

Perfection may be an unattainable goal, but it is still a goal. Without it you can never hope to attain anything worthwhile. The motivation to strive for the best outcome sets Howard Ecker + Company apart and explains our work ethic. For us, work is all encompassing. It is not specific to a location or time of day; it is a way of life.

If we are working effectively, we are working all the time, whether on the golf course or in the boardroom. When a challenging assignment presents itself, we view it as an opportunity to become more perfect at our business. The more we do, the better we become, and the more we trust ourselves to create a successful solution for our clients.